Why to choose liquid wallpapers?

  • Thermal Insulation The interlocking fiber structure of PolDecor will always make your room warmer or cooler. Lower-level family rooms and bathrooms are perfect candidates for the warmth of PolDecor. Thermal conductivity is 0.035 W/Mk
  • Sound Absorption PolDecor offers an extraordinary absorption of noise. The quiet of a PolDecor room is a unique feature of this beautiful wallcovering. Home theaters, recreation rooms, family rooms, and conference rooms are some of the examples of areas where this product may be used.
  • Humidity Control PolDecor will absorb up to two quarts of water per square yard without changing in pattern or color. PolDecor may be used in bathrooms and wet areas without worry.
  • Elasticity Due to the selection of special natural fibers, cracks and textured walls are covered easily.
  • Dust Resistance As a natural material, PolDecor does not take an electrostatic charge, and will not attract dust.
  • Seamless Covering PolDecor is a loose fiber material mixed with water and troweled on the wall or ceiling in a continuous plastering process. There will never be a seam.
  • Durability & Repair PolDecor has a longer lifespan than any comparable wall treatment. Damaged areas can be repaired easily by the homeowner. It is also easily removeable and paintable
  • Installation PolDecor liquid wallpapers is applied by certified installers, or as a Do-it-yourself product.