About Us

POLDECOR - the biggest wall coating manufacturer in Europe. Thanks to high quality we already have strong positions in the Eastern, Western Europe and central Asian market. Poldecor's secret - unique, specially for Poldecor liquid wallpapers manufacturing adapted equipment. That's why Poldecor is regularly expanding their assortment, advertising new samples, and materials. Some of the materials are unique, brought from very far, exotic regions, therefore are found only in POLDECOR production. Poldecor liquid wallpapers are often used in apartment, office, kindergarten, clinic or store decorating. Thanks to diligent stable, and permanent working we're offering our clients alluring, maximum quality, eye reassuring production. Today we're happy to hear, that our regular clients and partners, value us as the highest quality products offering company and nominate us with the 1st place between wall surface covering manufacturers in Europe.

Liquid Poldecor wallpapers - natural, attractive material, designed for solid interior surfaces. Liquid Poldecor wallpapers - it's a natural product made from cotton, silk, paper and various minerals. Their main value - is aesthetics, sound and temperature isolation, humidity regulation in the room, preparing, and applying simplicity. They can be used for apartment, office, restaurant, salon, bathroom, staircase and other rooms which we want without big efforts to decorate.

Ingredients: Poldecor liquid wallpaper mass is made from natural fibers, mostly from cotton and paper. For reinforcement is being used very high quality plant origin material (glue from bamboo) . Mixed with water, various fibers bind together and stick to the surface. Decorative elements - various minerals, Mika rock dust, silk.

Colour variety Liquid Poldecor wallpapers have 200 different tones. Different samples you can mix together. Thanks to few hundreds of natural components gathered from all over the world, liquid Poldecor wallpapers give the rooms unique and special atmosphere.

Surface without tie-ins Poldecor wallpapers - it's a homogenous material, once applied, there are no tie-ins.

Using possibilities Poldecor liquid wallpapers can be used in old or new rooms. On all solid surfaces, even on the glass. Because the material is elastic, it can be applied on old furniture, mouldings, or rounded surfaces, radiators, pipes and etc. You can "overlap" Poldecor liquid wallpapers on top of each other, or paint them with emulsion paint.

Usage simplicity Liquid Poldecor wallpapers can be used independently, no specific knowledge needed in order to work with them. You only need to mix the material with water and using a solid plastic spatula it can be easily applied on the walls or the sealing. You don't need any other tools. Wallpaper mass is smoothened with easy motions using the spatula.

Humidity regulation If any humidity appears in the room, Poldecor wallpapers absorb it to itself. When the humidity decreases, the accumulated humidity evaporates. Because of this liquid wallpaper function, their structure does not change and they don't rebind.

Sound isolation Liquid Poldecor wallpapers - is an elastic material which shuts out the noise. After the walls are covered with them, echo and various whispers disappear.

Warmth holdup After the walls are covered with Poldecor wallpapers, warmth in the room is held up more efficiently. Because of the structure and the connection with the base, the difference between the air in the room and walls is reduced.

Wall surface equation Liquid Poldecor wallpapers smoothen the walls disadvantages, like holes, cracks and disparities. Puttying is not needed, therefore we don't pollute the rooms with dust, smoothing with Poldecor liquid wallpapers is enough.

Pollution protection Poldecor liquid wallpapers have anti-static properties, that's why they're dust resistant. Cotton filaments have even structure and they do not attract dust while used.

Easy to repair even after a year or two, when a mechanical liquid Poldecor wallpaper damage appears, ruined wallpaper location can be easily repaired. You only need to soak that place with water, let it swell up, and with your hand or a plastic spatula repair it. When it dries out, you won't see any repairing marks. if the wallpapers loose their original colour, when the place has swollen up, you can easily change it with a fresh in reserve held wallpaper mass. After the space dries out, there will be no marks.

Wallpaper removal Before removing Poldecor wallpapers they need to be heavily soaked up with water and swollen up, brushed away from top downward with a plastic spatula.